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From servers and network infrastructure, to computers and business applications, Enclave provides end-to-end IT services for all your technology needs. We become your outsourced IT department, delivering a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable service.

We work with people who believe in excellence, quality seekers and forward thinking business leaders. Our abilities lie in combining robust Infrastructure, correct software and excellent IT support to help you greatly improve your efficiency, profitability and competitiveness.

Key Services

Managed IT Services

Enclave’s Managed IT service for small to medium sized businesses lowers the cost of supporting IT systems, delivered at a fixed price with no hidden expenses i.e. no call out charges, no surprises – just one single monthly bill and one single point of contact.

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Business Systems

Business Management Systems from Enclave gives you the necessary tools to run your business with complete control and when properly implemented can deliver improved efficiencies, cost savings and competitive advantage to your business.

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Enclave is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is fast becoming the partner of choice for Windows Azure in Ireland. We can help you understand how Azure fits with your business and IT strategy.

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Enclave’s Critical Maintenance service for servers and network infrastructure ensures your server and critical hardware and software is running optimally by performing a number of security and hardware updates. Make a sales enquiry

Latest News

Microsoft Phone Scam

We want to make all our customers aware of Microsoft Scam phone calls that have been occurring recently.

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