10 myths about moving to the cloud

By Encalve, Thursday, 1st December 2016 | 0 comments
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What does it mean to “move to the cloud”? In this eBook, we break down myths about cloud computing and detail what you really need to know when considering Microsoft Office 365. Download your free eBook and learn:

  1. How the cloud can help you reduce headaches and time maintaining hardware.
  2. How cloud storage is actually safer than on-premises storage.
  3. How cloud technology and cloud solutions can increase employee productivity.
  4. What advantages cloud computing offers and how it allows you to spend less time on software updates and more time building your business.

Many companies move to the cloud to reap these multiple benefits, however; some are still sceptical about security, cost savings, and the data storage that the cloud offers.  This eBook debunks 10 common myths about the cloud and offers suggestions when considering a migration to Office 365.

Office 365 is just an online version of the Office suite

Some people think Office 365 is only accessible online.  Office 365 offers all the standard features of your favourite Office products, anywhere you are at, and whether you are online or not.  You can install the full suite on your device to work with online or offline.

If you move your data to the cloud, you lose control of your technology

This is another common myth some companies have when considering the cloud.  The fact is you retain complete control over your data without having to maintain it yourself.

On-premises solutions are more secure than cloud-based solutions

Office 365 offers the same amount of security on the cloud as it does for its on-premises solutions.  Microsoft’s dedicated security team uses the latest security processes to ensure that your data is secure from attacks.

Cloud migration is all or nothing

You can take several approaches to your cloud migration.  You can move data in large or small chunks at your own time or select a hybrid solution.

Cloud migration is too much to handle alone

You are not alone in your cloud migration.  Enclave’s team of experts is there to help you through every step of the process.  You will never have to go it alone when moving large volumes of data to the cloud.

Corporate spies, cyberthieves, and governments can all access data in the cloud

Your data belongs to you and nobody else.  You can safeguard your data against attacks, thieves, and spies with the peace of mind knowing it is secure.  Your data is never sold to third parties and is constantly backed up in the event of an outage.


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