5 Myths about Managed Services...busted

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We're busting Myths about Managed Services!

Managed Services are something more and more companies are moving towards, no matter the size of the business. There are many more facets of IT that need to be considered by businesses that outsourcing the activity of IT management has become common place. That being said, there are still plenty of myths surrounding Managed Services, and we're here to bust them. 

Myth #1: Managed Services is too expensive 

This myth is common in the SME community; however it is completely untrue. In the long term, Managed Services can reduce IT expenses by up to 30%. Enclave's method of Managed Services is, in fact, specifically designed for those who want to outsource their IT activities with a lower budget. 

If you are working with a proactive and experienced IT service provider, you should notice a significant decrease in the amount you are spending on IT services. 

Myth #2: Working with IT Service Provider requires a lot of management 

A lot of people will tell you that working with an IT service provider requires a lot of management, however, as you might have guessed, this is also untrue. While the first couple of weeks may involve more liaising and discussion, once everything is set up you providers can be trusted to manage your systems adequately. They will be notified if there are any major errors and they are just a phone call away if you or your employers need help. 

Myth #3: Your IT department will be completely displaced 

This isn't always true. Often if a company has an IT department,other IT services are outsourced to free up time for your IT team, which enables them to focus on critical tasks. How a Managed Service provider works with your existing IT department is completely up to you. 

Myth #4: Managed Services only suit larger companies 

We can see how this could be believed. Often SMEs feel that outsourced services are beyond their boundaries, however this simply isn't true. There is nothing to say the smaller businesses can't opt for outsourced Managed Services.In fact, it might be better suited to smaller companies as it will save on salary costs. 

Myth #5: Managed Services and The Cloud are the same thing 

This is a common misunderstanding. Your company may use cloud computing, but infrastructure and network activities still require management and maintenance from an IT professional.

Managed services are extremely effective in helping your company to enhance many functions within your organisation. 

Managed IT Services are essential for the smooth running of any company, no matter the size. It's time to ignore the myths and accept the necessity. Imagine if your IT system crashed tomorrow. Who would you call on? Get in touch with Enclave to discuss your Managed Services Options today. 

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