Avoid the “break-fix” mentality with a Managed IT Services Solution

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Do you avoid preventative maintenance on your IT infrastructure?  The break-fix mentality can be costly, so why not avoid fixing something after it is already broken?  Waiting until something “breaks” on your network is the wrong approach to take with your IT, which is why a managed service provider (MSP) can help.

You are not saving money or doing your company any favours if you rely on the break-fix method of calling an IT company when an issue occurs.  Before the Cloud, apps, and complex IT systems, companies could get by with a break-fix mentality.  With the multiple IT service options available today, a managed service provider can avoid costly mistakes through preventative measures.

Break the tradition

An MSP can break the tradition by applying preventative measures to avoid and mitigate failures before they occur.  An MSP can provide backups, software updates, patches, security scans, and much more to avoid IT outages.  MSPs can manage your network onsite or remotely and receive automatic alerts when an issue occurs so they can mitigate it before it causes any disturbances to IT services.

Become proactive instead of reactive

An MSP provides proactive managed IT support, which can save time and prevent data loss.  Several problems can be prevented to help your business avoid downtime.  A break-fix approach can cause lost sales, lost customer data, and missed deadlines. 

Save money

MSPs can save money since technicians will constantly update and maintain your network services to prevent problems.  Your IT services will operate more efficiently and avoid frequent onsite service calls to IT technicians.  The more time your staff spends waiting for IT services to be restored, the more money you spend on lost business and missed opportunities.  Managed IT services is a worthwhile investment to ensure business continuity and reliable IT service.

Are you the reactive time? Wait for something to go wrong and then react? Would you prefer to be proactive with your IT system? Save time and money?

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