Microsoft Azure Site Recovery are you Dealing With A Disaster?

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Azure Site Recovery

Dealing With a Disaster

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a pre-planned process or procedure that businesses have in place to ensure the successful recovery of its IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

A well-constructed DRP secures business operations in the event of power failures, system crashes and all matters of emergency.

To highlight the importance of having a recovery plan in place, (FEMA) The Federal Emergency Management Agency, report that 40% of businesses do not reopen in the event of a disaster.

Unfortunately, disaster recovery plans are not cheap. It is estimated that it costs a business up to €4,000 a month to have a DR site in place.

Microsoft Azure is making it possible for businesses to ensure the safety of their data with affordable disaster recovery plans. In comparison, Azure hosts a disaster recovery site for up to 61% less than its competitors. Azures site recovery (ASR) is hosted in the cloud between two private sites which ensures total safety. 

Azure Site Recovery

ASR is particularly useful for SMEs and Branch Offices as it makes it possible to protect their operations. All data is managed via the Azure management portal.

Azure site recovery routinely audits the status of a business’s data automatically from the Azure server. All data remains on your network and is replicated on the Azure server. Azure recovery plans allow you to automate the failover of your virtual machines. This gives a company total control when a disaster is in full flow.

In modern business, data protection and recovery is critical. Azure Site Recovery provides this service and makes it easy to manage and maintain. So ask yourself, do you want your data backed up and safe in the cloud, or vulnerable and potentially lost in the event of a disaster?

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