Be Warned: Email Scams Circulating

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Warning: Malicious Email Scams

In the past week companies have been receiving emails that are potentially disastrous when opened.

These fraudulent emails are designed to trick the receiver and contain harmful attachments. If you are sent any email from an unknown source be very cautious.

Annually, there are countless email scams being sent by Internet criminals. These emails can look to simply gain access to your email account by retrieving your account information or more seriously, they plant viruses and malware in your computer system.


How to recognise a scam:

  • Alarming messages and warnings about your account.
  • Attractive deals that are beneficial to the receiver.
  • Poor grammar or misspellings.
  • Unrecognisable email address from the sender.
  • Email written in plain text and includes no company logo.

Although you cannot stop these emails being sent to you, by having a 

good spam filter; following best practice and the guidelines that we have outlined it is possible to identify potentially damaging emails.


As explained, it is extremely important that you do not open these emails or your business may be at risk. If you have received an email that is suspicious, contact Enclave immediately and we will do what we can to help. 


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