Change the way you run your business with Cloud Computing.

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Welcome back to your series on Sage 200 Standard Online. Last week we examined how Sage 200 Standard Online, an accounting system, help with managing your financial position and this week we are going to examine how Sage 200 Standard Online can help you change the way you run your business with Cloud Computing. If you wish to receive have access to all four articles now please email us now and we will send you access immediately.


Cloud computing is not just a fad or a buzzword; it is changing the way companies do business every day.  The cloud has changed business for over a decade now and with more applications developed specifically for cloud computing, it will not be long before businesses have no choice but to migrate their entire operations to the cloud.  The cloud enables you to access your data and applications online anywhere anytime instead of relying on hardware and software you buy and own.  Think of the cloud as a service or solution that you subscribe to every month.

Migrate your services with Sage 200

Sage 200 Standard Online is an online accounting system with the flexibility of cloud service.  With Sage 200 you can access anything from anywhere with direct support from Sage.  Standard Online includes export reporting for quick and easy analysis, essential financial capabilities, supply chain, stock, and sales order information, and access to data on the move for your entire workforce.  Your subscription to Sage 200 includes multiple payment options so you can schedule the monthly payment on a day that best suits your needs.  Sage 200 has zero upfront costs to get your business in the cloud immediately.

Why should you choose Sage 200?

Sage 200 Standard Online will save you money if you plan to upgrade your hardware.  With Standard Online there is no hardware to buy!  With cloud computing solutions such as Standard Online, you can eliminate the need to buy, service, maintain, and configure a physical IT infrastructure as everything is in the cloud.  Sage performs all the maintenance, monitoring, and configuration associated with a physical solution. Standard Online is scalable and affordable, so it grows with your business.  You can select which features and functions you need on demand and never pay for additional features you do not need.  You can add or remove users and services based on your monthly needs.

Always get the latest software versions

Sage constantly updates its cloud servers to ensure your business gets the latest in security patches and features.  Updates will never interrupt your business operations as they are performed seamlessly so you can focus on your business.  Immediate upgrades place new features and functions into your hands so your workforce never skips a beat.  Compared to on-premises solutions where you have to schedule network outages for updates, cloud computing with Sage always ensures you can do more with less by reducing the size of your data centre.

Increased mobility

Unlike traditional on-premises solutions, your data and applications are available anywhere anytime.  Your employees can take their company laptops, smartphones, or tablets home to continue working on those hot last minute reports and proposals.  You are no longer tethered to an office; your apps follow you wherever you go.

Sage support

Sage 200 Standard Online comes with expert support that provides access to services and product experts whenever you need it.  Not sure how to do something in any of Sage’s streamlined cloud apps?  No problem, just give Enclave a call and we can walk you through to help you find the features and capabilities you need to get your job done.

Your data is protected

Sage has a partnership with Microsoft to build a secure online business solution.  Standard Online runs on Microsoft Azure, which is hosted from data centers the Microsoft Global Foundation services.  These data centers comply with main industry standards to include ISO/IEC 27001:2005 to provide a secure and reliable service for your needs.

Thank you for reading this article on Sage 200 Standard Online.  Did you find it useful? Did it raise some questions? Answer some questions? Do you think you need to relook at your Accounting system? 

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Next week we will be examining how Sage 200 Standard Online can help manage your supply chain in the cloud.

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