Cloud Computing Ireland is Falling Behind

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According to The Irish Times, our nation continues to fall behind the global industry of cloud computing. This is detrimental to Irish organisations, as it puts us at a disadvantage in the increasingly global marketplace. However, there is also some good news: businesses in the UK have a unique opportunity to "Leapfrog" to new technological platforms. So, how does this relate to the state of cloud computing in Ireland?

Cloud Computing Ireland is Falling Behind

Right now, there is a trend of Irish companies increasingly adopting cloud computing solutions. However, it is not yet keeping pace with most other global markets. This puts Irish organisations at a disadvantage against those that have been using the cloud for many years now. After all, it takes time, training, data migration and implementation strategies to take fully advantage of cloud services. Given the number of small to mid-sized businesses in Ireland (compared to many other nations), this could be part of the reason for the hesitance.

How do Irish Companies Keep Up?

To make matters worse, cloud computing platforms and technologies are advancing rapidly. This makes implementation especially difficult, as something that already has a learning curve becomes even harder to train others. Even as employees are learning the latest strategies and technologies, their uses and interfaces are evolving. Add to it the daily business operations also consuming their time, and with such difficulty of implementing cloud solutions, it’s easy to see why so many organisations are hesitant. However, it has become a necessity for a variety of reasons. For one, business data is growing phenomenally fast – and has become more important than ever. In fact, in the modern age, complete data loss can cripple an organisation of any size or scope. And depending upon its industry, data loss can even lead to legal troubles for a business. Sadly, all it takes is one local server crash, sudden blackout or brownout, a severe storm, malicious attack or even a simple user mistake.

Backing Up Data to the Cloud

By storing and backing up business data to a secure cloud server, businesses will never have to worry about catastrophic losses on their local machines. Not only are dedicated cloud servers more reliable and specially maintained, they’re also backed up regularly. Even better, the backup servers themselves are typically kept in geologically diverse locations, meaning a catastrophic event in one will not compromise your business data. Large volumes of data can be stored securely online and easily accessed by the organisation. Even better, access can be controlled to only allow privileged employees or leaders to access certain information. Intuitive interfaces allow users to organise files and information to their preference and access various materials or tools with ease.

Enhanced Collaboration

Even beyond data, cloud computing significantly enhances efficiency. Rather than working separately and then attempting to compile work, team members can update and save a single document when collaborating. This is especially useful for travelling employees. Could computing also facilitates intra-organisational communications. It’s like having an Intranet, but with increased protection and decreased complexity.

An Extraordinary Opportunity for Irish Companies that Adapt

By leveraging these benefits (along with many more), Irish organisations have a unique opportunity to quickly gain an advantage over domestic competitors that are, according to numerous studies, still lagging behind. But they don’t have to do it alone. Enclave Technologies has the expertise to fully implement organisational-wide options. This helps reduce the cost and time of implementing an in-house solution. And as more companies adopt cloud computing, Ireland can finally rise to the top of the digital marketplace! However, don’t just take our word for it: discover Enclave Technologies’ suite of services carefully designed for a variety of industries and business types. Our onsite demos will introduce the mechanics of cloud computing, our exceptional encryption methods and seamless integration.

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