Data Loss Protection

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Data Loss Protection: What you need to know

Data loss can critically damage the operations of any business. Preventing and protecting against data loss is a strategy to ensure employees do not send sensitive or critical information outside the company. Data loss protection (DLP) software products aid administrators control which data users can transfer.

DLP Software

DLP is driven through insider threats and privacy laws with strict data protection and access requirements. Business rules set within DLP software can classify and protect critical data to prevent unauthorized users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data, which could place the business at risk. For instance, if someone attempts to forward an email outside the company’s email domain or upload a company file to an external cloud storage site such as Google Docs, permission would be denied. DLP software is configurable and can significantly reduce the cost associated with remedying data loss. Automatic remediation is available depending on the amount of data loss. DLP software can transfer data to a protected area if it is located in an unsafe location in the network. One feature of DLP software common to most programs is the use of LDAP server and active directory for manual user lookup to see who has what type of access to data on the network.

Monitoring Endpoints

A comprehensive solution to DLP must view data as a moving target. To protect data in transition between locations requires attention to the perimeter of the network. Traffic monitoring is essential as well to include email, social media interaction, instant messaging, various web applications, online storage sites, and more. Monitoring endpoints is essential as well with the number of devices that could leave a network vulnerable to data loss. Monitoring all network-connected devices is important to note since they can be used for data transfer through removable media or downloads. Printers and scanners should be monitored as well for data leaks as well.

Enclave takes a proactive business approach to data loss prevention. We consider the technology in place and take your current applications into account. Get in touch with Enclave to see how we can develop a data loss prevention solution for your business plan for your business.

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