Data Security – 5 Questions for your IT Security Team

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Data security isn’t just about data security. It’s about job security, marketing, finance, AND company valuation.

Download the new eBook here to see what questions you need to ask about your organisation’s security measures, why they matter, and what else you need to know. Here’s what you need to ask your security team:

  1. Do you feel limited by budget or staff size?
  2. How often do you see unsanctioned cloud services in use?
  3. Are you protecting yourself against insider threats?
  4. Do you have a cybersecurity task force in place?
  5. Is your "bring your own device" policy secure?

Data security is more than simply password protecting your organisation’s data.  Data breaches cost companies a significant amount of money and time as well as public image.  A large attack can hurt customer relations, affect profits, and skew projections.  Data breaches can tarnish brands and cause more residual damage than data outages.  Here are some questions you should ask your security teams to mitigate and prevent security breaches in the first place.


1.     Do you feel limited by budget or staff size?
Every organization should forecast the annual cost for security.  Security is not just something you plan for and budget once every few years.  Your organization must have a dedicated staff and budget to cover the security aspects of your network.

2.     How often do you see unsanctioned cloud services in use?
Even though your business practices may not include the use of Google Drive, OneDrive, or other cloud services, the odds are high your employees use them.  Any unsanctioned cloud services should be blocked from your network domain.

3.     Are you protecting yourself against insider threats?
Insider threats are the hardest to detect and often the hardest to recover from.  Any employee can turn on your organization for any reason.  Disgruntled employees angry about their personal life, salary, position, or any other reason can cause grave damage to your organization by distributing proprietary information, trade secrets, or sensitive data.  One of the best defences against insider threats is training.  Every employee should feel they can report any suspicious activity without consequences.

4.     Do you have a cybersecurity task force in place?
Planning for an attack is one of the best defence strategies against security breaches.  Create a task force trained to respond to cyberattacks quickly on short notice.  The task force should have a mitigation plan for multiple scenarios that can occur at any time.

5.     Is your “bring your own device” policy secure?
If you allow employees to bring their own device to connect to the network and perform work duties with, you need to have a BYOD policy in place that includes security.  BYOD policies are low-cost and highly effective.  BYOD incidents are expensive and it is much easier to prevent them than manage them when they happen.

To find out more about how to prevent data security breeches and what questions you should be asking your IT Security Team you can download your data security eBook below: 

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