Do you need a virtual CIO?

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Do you need a virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO performs the same functions as a traditional CIO by collaborating and advising IT departments and developing strategic IT goals, budget planning, and analyzing business processes to accommodate changes in technology.









A virtual CIO can help companies maintain an IT infrastructure, create technology roadmaps, and identify new opportunities. Virtual CIOs help companies with limited IT departments by making decisions on which technologies to use moving forward. Virtual CIOs take a broad view of a company’s existing IT infrastructure and suggest improvements.

Virtual CIOs provide the executive IT leadership some companies lack. There are companies out there that do not know what their technology needs are or what tools are available to improve and support their business processes. Companies need a virtual CIO who can offer advice based on their technical background and how to apply a technology solution to help reach business goals. Virtual CIOs offer assessments, investment strategies, and strategic planning. The benefits of hiring a virtual CIO add value and bring new life to an obsolete IT department. Companies can expect to save the headache of planning and budgeting for technology, which is traditionally taken on by company executives.

Reduce cost

A virtual CIO prevents companies from overspending on new technology by researching and finding the best solution to meet business goals. Companies can save a lot by hiring a virtual CIO to handle their technology decisions. Services are offered on demand, which help reduce the need to hire a local CIO.

Prepare for disaster

All systems have weaknesses in the event of a disaster. A virtual CIO can create a disaster preparedness plan to ensure operations are restored as quickly as possible in light of disaster.

Technical expertise

Virtual CIOs bring several years of experience and knowledge of current technologies to fit any size business. Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? Contact Enclave. Our team will assess your business processes and establish a Virtual CIO solution that will improve your company’s productivity.

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