Getting IT Ready for Brexit

By Phennessy, Sunday, 17th February 2019 | 0 comments
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With much heightened activity around Brexit and the likely hood of a ‘No-Deal’ scenario on 29 March we are continuing to make best preparations for such an eventuality. 

In the main, our IT Distributors are UK based and they depend on deliveries via Dover Calais from the major manufacturers in Eastern Europe. The Logistics sectors in the UK are warning that both EU and UK customs are not ready and so there is likely to be a delay in goods transiting the UK as perishables will be given priority.

That said both of our main distributors are building out extra facilities /ware housing in the UK to hold more stock, but it may be necessary to order equipment in stock and reduce reliance on specific builds. This may reduce the options available. 

Inevitably deliveries to Ireland will be subject to delays and where normally we can get most “in stock” items next day this may not be the case anymore.

Some good news 

  1. All IT products have been tested for the implication of 3rd country transactions e.g. WTO tariffs and they are all “0” rated bar some items i.e. laptop bags and TV’s. This is being monitored for changes, but we can be reasonably confident that there won’t be price increases as a result.
  2.  We have been assured that deliveries to Ireland will be via a consolidated commercial invoice system i.e. one truck manifest submitted at port of entry for a fast clearance so that will help matters.
  3. All our main hardware vendors have assured us that their warranty services will not be affected as they have undertaken “detailed analysis of their supply chains and logistics arrangements to ensure minimal disruption to their customers “- source Hewlett Packard

Overall, we believe there will not be too much disruption, but we don’t know for certain. What would be prudent to do is to examine your inventory and make sure there is some spare capacity. Suggestions would be to set up a spare desk with PC or laptop and that is kept in use (to receive updates). This would mitigate the issue of depending on fast delivery of replacement equipment something which should be considered anyway regardless of potential upcoming delays.

We will keep you posted on any new development or risks but speak to your account manager if you need any clarification on any of the above.

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