How to be proactive instead of reactive to data disasters

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One of the most important things you can do for your business is to maintain your IT infrastructure.  Do not take your daily business applications, data, and other critical information for granted, the success of your business depends on a reliable infrastructure. 

If your connection or equipment fail, or if you have a data loss, the results could be catastrophic.  These are some of the examples of how proactively monitoring your network is a better plan than reacting to a disaster in your IT infrastructure.

How do you proactively monitor your data?

The key to maintaining a proactive stance on your data and infrastructure is to proactively monitor your networks and data to stay ahead of potential issues.  Once you identify a potential issue, it is much easier to correct before it happens instead of after it happens.  Maintaining the performance of your network will ensure a high performing highly available network.

You can proactively monitor your network through a managed service provider if you do not have in-house expertise or dedicated staff.  Through a remote service, your data and networks will be protected against outdated software patches, security vulnerabilities, and malicious attacks.  A simple firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) is simply not enough.  Networks must have constant monitoring to maintain integrity and availability.

What’s wrong with reactive management?

When you take the risk of letting preventative maintenance go, you risk greater consequences when disaster strikes.  Just like changing the oil in your car on a regular basis, updating your software and monitoring your networks can avoid a major disaster.  Without proper maintenance, your car  can require thousands in repair bills whereas care and preventative maintenance will keep your car running for a long time.  The same is said for your IT infrastructure.  Never wait until a network outage or data loss to take action, doing so will result in loss of critical data, network outages, and potential loss of business revenue.

Why is a proactive approach so important?

IT hardware and software is always vulnerable.  New viruses are released every day, new software patches come out weekly and monthly from different vendors, and new conditions must be met for security compliance all the time.  Your network should always be monitored by someone or something.  Network monitoring software and service is one of the best forms of preventative maintenance you can get.  The best chance your business has to remain fluid and maintain continuity is to take a proactive approach.  Managed service providers offer the latest tools and technology available so you can avoid outages before it is too late.

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