Irish Businesses at Risk of Invoicing Fraud

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According to the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland there have been a number of Irish businesses that have recently fallen victim to invoicing scams.


Gardai have revealed that €100,000 has been taken with 14 cases reported to authorities. Both private and public organisations have been targeted at random with the scam emails.


The email's that have been sent contain a letter as an attachment asking the receiver to amend the bank account details to which all future payments are to be sent.


Tell Tale Signs of Fraudulent Behaviour


The fraudsters are using the names of people the receiver is used to dealing with, however they have created bogus email accounts with slight variations of the authentic email addresses.


It is also possible that the fraudsters have attached bogus invoices. These have created using copied company headed paper from original company documents. The logo may appear slightly blurred and not as sharp, which is another indication of fraudulent activity.


What to Do if You Suspect Fraud


  • Make a phone call to the company requesting the changes to confirm it is from them. Always contact them on another number from that in the email.
  • Look out for different contact information from those in previous correspondence.
  • Instruct staff with responsibility for paying invoices to be cognisant of checking invoices for irregularities and checking out their concerns with the company requiring payment.
  • Consider setting up a single point of contact with companies to whom you make regular payments.


You can take a closer look at report issued by the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland here. 

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