Manage your supply chain in the cloud with Sage 200 Standard Online.

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Sage 200 Standard Online was designed to help business owners manage every aspect of their supply chain through a simple to use stock management system.

The Purchase Order Processing feature completely integrates with the Stock Control, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, and Sales Order Processing so you know exactly how much inventory you have on hand.  This means you can be more flexible with your customers and their demands about different products and pricing.


See every aspect of every order

Standard Online supports complex supply chains and delivery models.  You can source goods globally, make purchases in multiple currencies, and view overall costs and individual costs associated with importing and exporting goods.  Your business can grow nationally or internationally with software ready to move with you in the cloud.

Organize purchase orders and compile order lists

If your preferred method is to create purchase orders manually, you can save time by compiling a list of what you need to order and what you have on back order.  You can also place back to back orders and decide which suppliers to buy from.  Standard Online can help you every step of the way.

Monitor and manage assembly costs of your products

Since Sage 200 Standard Online is a cloud-based solution, you can take your business with you anywhere you go.  This means you can check to see if you have enough stock on hand in your warehouse and if you do not, you can specify the number of items you need to build and make the updates on your mobile device. Create sales orders for a Bill of Materials (BOM) and identify what you currently have in stock ready to sell.  New purchase orders can be created for the items you have a short stock of and select the supplier you need to order from.  Create new purchase orders on the spot so you can handle business instantly instead of having to wait until you return to the office.  You can even select which warehouse you wish to create the BOM for, which is convenient if you already have some items you frequently store in multiple locations.

Trade in foreign currency

As previously mentioned, you can trade in foreign currency in up to 100 different currencies.  You can accept customer payments and place orders in any of the currencies Standard Online supports.  The exchange rate used at the time of the sale or purchase is captured and reported on to ensure accuracy in each invoice.  Foreign ledger accounts with the current exchange rates ensure accuracy to save money and relieve headache at tax time.  Period exchange rates can be captured for any specific point in time through your dashboard.

Review trends in Excel

Sage 200 Standard Online integrates with other software such as Microsoft Outlook and Excel.  You can review customer trends in sales and analyze them with Excel.  You can establish reports relevant to your business needs so you never have to worry about data you do not need.  Extract your data to format, pivot, or filter from Standard Online directly into an Excel file.  The Excel file can be manipulated as any other Excel file.  Save these files separately as you need to and refer back to them as often as you need to.  Additional Excel reports and reporting packs are available for an additional monthly subscription fee. Standard Online is a great way you can mobilize your business and track everything in your supply chain from the moment you place an order with your supplier to the moment it arrives at your customer’s door.

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