Microsoft 365 Updates

By phennessy, Monday, 14th January 2019 | 0 comments

Here is a quick summary of recent Microsoft 365 updates 

PowerPoint Editor

You may already be using the Editor feature in Microsoft Outlook and Word, but it is now being rolled out to PowerPoint. Editor takes advantage of machine learning to process your copy, bringing a new proofing/editing function that highlights contextual recommendations to PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Forms

Want to add a new dimension to your PowerPoint presentations? You can now embed Microsoft Forms directly into your slides, creating a seamless and interactive experience for both you and your audience that isn’t ‘death by PowerPoint’.

To-dos in Word

Sometimes it’s difficult to add a note when you are mid-document in Word. Now, you can add a handy reminder by simply typing ‘TODO’ and adding your note at that point. When you return to your document, there will be a list of all the to-dos that you have created, giving you the option to jump straight back into the right spot. Plus, when you use the @mention feature within a to-do, Word will automatically send them an email with a link to that point within the document.

Tasks for Outlook on the web

Within the browser version of Outlook, you can now create tasks when you add an email to the Tasks pane, or schedule tasks by dragging them from that pane into the calendar. What’s more, once your tasks are available, they’ll automatically be added into the To-Do app on your mobile devices.

Microsoft Teams goes mobile

As part of the Skype for Business transition to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft have added new functionality that allow users to stay connected even when using the mobile app. Furthermore, you can also schedule meetings, search for colleagues within the organisation, designate ‘quiet hours’ to help focus, all within the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

Power BI reporting

Alongside many new features for Power BI Desktop, you can now expand and collapse individual row headers within a matrix – allowing you to manage and navigate Power BI more easily.

Office customisation

This new Office 365 configuration means that your administration team can have greater control over company-wide installations. Use this tool to simplify the creation of installation configuration files when deploying Office 365 in larger organisations, giving your admins more ability to define which products are installed and which update channels to use.

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