Microsoft Is Ending Windows 2003 Support, what can you do?

By enclaveadmin, Friday, 23rd January 2015 | 0 comments

Microsoft have announced that on July 14, 2015 they will be ending their support for Windows 2003.

Technology is obviously very fast moving and products and services are becoming redundant faster than ever. It is with no great surprise therefore that Microsoft has made this announcement. All companies who are currently still using Windows Server 2003 must now prepare for an upgrade. According to data released by Microsoft in July 2014, businesses worldwide run an estimated 23.8 million physical and virtual instances on Windows Server 2003.


Why This Makes Sense


Windows 2003 does not integrate effectively with current applications or with cloud platforms. Therefore, the end makes sense for both Microsoft and for businesses. Microsoft can now focus on newer products and services that do integrate well and businesses can move away from outdated technologies.


What Next?


Computers still using Windows 2003 will still work, however, running on an unprotected server will leave users prone to viruses and hacks.

Businesses that will be effected by this will now need to make some big decisions. Do they invest in powerful, new generation applications and servers to keep in-house, will they make the move to the cloud or will they use a combination of both?


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