Microsoft Phone Scam

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We want to make all our customers aware of Microsoft Scam phone calls that have been occurring recently.

These phone calls are from people pretending to be from Microsoft and unfortunately, a number of businesses in Ireland have fallen victim.

An excerpt for Microsoft’s website details the type of scam calls that are being made:

'A reader writes:

I received a call from someone who claimed that my computer had been identified by Microsoft as vulnerable. I thought it sounded fake, and I told them that I had no way to know if they were who they said they were. Then they said they could prove that they were from Microsoft by giving me my serial number if I would go to a Website called

Is this call a scam?

Yes. This is a scam. This is not a legitimate call from Microsoft. Neither Microsoft nor our partners make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls) about your computer security or software fixes.'

These scammer's are trying to make businesses believe that their computers are vulnerable in an attempt to get them to download dangerous software.

What to do

As stated by Microsoft above, they never make unsolicited calls and therefore, any call claiming to be Microsoft is a scam. Simply hang up without giving them any information.

If you think you may have already fallen for one of these scams see What to do if you think you have been a victim of a scam.

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