Minister Kevin Humphreys Visits Enclave

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Minister Visit - May 1st 2015


On Friday May 1st the Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection Kevin Humphreys with responsibility for Employment, Community and Social Support visited Enclave Technologies.

Here at Enclave we see the JobBridge scheme as an excellent opportunity to help staff develop professionally. 

Kevn Humphrey's Enclave

Since the schemes conception we have taken on 3 interns, with two becoming full-time staff and the other moving onto a full-time role externally.

Prior to the visit, we sat down with Terry and Declan, who are the two full-time staff members who made the successful transition from internship to full-time employees.

Declan Clancy spoke about how JobBridge was a great outlet for him;

The last job I had before going back to college was as a Suspended Ceiling fixer. I then attained a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems from D.I.T. Bolton St. My job Bridge started in January 2012 and I was taken on as a full time employee with Enclave in October 2012. I am now a second level engineer at Enclave Technologies, Job Bridge allowed me to get my foot in the door in I.T. It provided a mutually beneficial platform for both myself and Enclave to try to fulfil a role”

Terry McSweeney then talked about how he used JobBridge to secure his current position:

“I worked for 7 years in DHL as an Office manager from the year 2000 until 2008 before the company closed down the site. The jobs market wasn't great so I decided to go back to college to further educate myself. I decided IT because I was always interested in IT and being out of work gave me the perfect opportunity to educate myself in this area . I did a community college computer course in 2011 to get a feel for it then I went to IT Tallaght full time to get my Bachelor’s degree. This took me 3 years from 2011 until 2014. In July of 2014 I started in Enclave on a job bridge scheme and have learned many things , including how the IT industry works. I continue to educate myself in my own studies and through my daily experiences in Enclave. It is a super place to work with great knowledgeable people and an excellent environment for further learning. I am very proud to work in Enclave and have not looked back since my decision to partake in the Job Bridge Scheme."

The Minister arrived at 9.30am on Friday morning and sat down with all of the staff and management teams at Enclave, saying:

“When taking up a JobBridge internship people have an opportunity to learn but also to demonstrate their talents and skills, employers like Enclave can see how suitable the intern is for their organisation while the intern gains valuable experience.”

Terry McSweeny Declan Clancy

Terry McSweeny Declan Clancy









Internships provide individuals with a platform from which to build their professional portfolio. It is common that people do not have enough experience to apply for a position, and it can be difficult to get an opportunity to gain that experience. Internships gill that void and allow valuable learning to be acquired. JobBridge provides work experience placements for interns for a 6 month or 9 month period.

Commenting on the JobBridge scheme, Peter Hennessy M.D at Enclave said:

Peter Hennessy

“Enclave’s involvement with JobBridge commenced late 2011, taking on our first participant in January 2012 on a 9 month internship. As a growing organisation JobBridge has been an invaluable scheme for Enclave with two out of our three JobBridge participants attaining full time employment directly with us and the other a technical role elsewhere. JobBridge enables participants to gain practical experience and show their strengths. It allows us the employer an extended trial to ensure that the participant is the right fit for our business.  We put a full mentoring system in place with roles and responsibilities clearly defined to make sure all participants get the most out of their internship time. We were very lucky with our participants; both having completed Computer related degree program’s in their own time,  they approached their internships with enthusiasm and dedication and now have the reward of full time employment. We are on the lookout for our next participant and look forward to a successful relationship with the JobBridge team into the future.”

At Enclave we are definite supporters of JobBridge and are happy we are being recognised for out contribution to the scheme. In future we hope that more employees will be sourced from JobBridge, as we look to improve the Irish economy.  

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