Reasons why Sage 200 Standard Online makes perfect business sense

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We are going to run a series of blogs for the next four weeks about Sage 200 Standard Online, a flexible cloud solution designed for your business of up to 200 employees.

The articles will be in this order and we would be interested in your feedback as we develop different concepts on how this system can transform your business.

Firstly we will introduce Sage 200 Standard Online and how the features and benefits may be applicable for your business. Then we will see how you can manage your financial position better. Then we will see how you can manage your financial position better, run your business better with Cloud Computing and finally, how you can manage your supply chain with Sage 200 Standard Online.

  1. Reasons why Sage 200 Standard Online makes perfect business sense
  2. Managing your financial position
  3. Change the way you run your business with Cloud Computing
  4. Manage your supply chain in the cloud with Sage 200 Standard Online

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Reasons why Sage 200 Standard Online makes perfect business sense

Sage 200 Standard Online is a flexible cloud solution designed for your business of up to 200 employees.  Standard Online is a secure, scalable, and affordable way you can get your business up and running quickly and easily.  Sage offers an affordable solution that enables you to manage your finances, supply chain, sales orders, and workspaces online.

Improved environment for collaboration

Standard Online offers improved collaboration by allowing your workforce to use as many capabilities as you subscribe to.  Your workers will no longer see restrictions on individual application licenses purchased on a case-by-case basis.  Sage’s subscription options allow you to choose how many users you have and what functions they need. 

24/7 availability to your data

Have you ever been in a situation where the solution to a problem came to you in the middle of the night but you had to wait until morning to implement it?  Now, you can access your work related data anytime anywhere with the peace of mind in knowing you can update your data whenever you need to.  Sage experts work around the clock to monitor service to ensure the software is performing as it should be with a 99.9% service ability.

Save money with a single solution

Sage 200 Standard Online helps businesses understand their financial position so they can quickly get up to speed with a three-tiered nominal structure.  Standard Online offers businesses enhanced flexibility and control over open and closed pay period accounting.  Companies can quickly make adjustments to annual journals and roll changes over to ensure all accounts are accurate.  Summary dashboards help provide insight into every financial aspect of your business.

Services at a glance

With Sage 200 Standard Online you can expect a service package complete with amazing benefits to help you build your network and get the most value out of a cloud solution.  With the Report Library, you can generate reports on multiple financial levels such as stocks, pricing, and receipts.  You can share ideas through feedback to help Sage understand business needs such as yours through the Sage 200 Ideas Hub.  This feature allows you to request and vote on the functions and capabilities you subscribe to.  Don’t like the way a report looks like or wish you could get Sage 200 to do something differently?  Voice your opinion and feedback on the Ideas Hub.

Supporting your business as it grows

Sage 200 Standard Online offers a straightforward online accounting solution that grows with your business.  Whether you are in your home office, on your way to make a delivery, or on your way to meet a prospect for lunch, Sage 200 Standard Online is with you every step of the way.

As a  business owner, you may handle all the finances, tracking, supply chain, and management by yourself.  This is where Sage can help.  Not only can you manage anything from anywhere, but you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.  All data is backed up automatically so  you never have to worry if the power goes out or you lose connectivity.  You have complete control over every aspect of your business with intuitive financial management and access to commercial business tools.  Think of Standard Online as a virtual personal assistant ready and willing to provide the support you need in a way that makes sense to you.  Sales, Purchase, Nominal, and Cashbook are the four ledgers Standard Online offers that allow you to gain control over all your business accounts to take the stress and complexity out of your finances.

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Next week we will be examining how Sage 200 Standard Online can help manage your Financial Position.

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