Sage 200 Updates Make it Even Better for Your Business

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Sage 200 updates in 2016 make things even more efficient for your business

Sage 200 is already our favourite ERP system, and one that we recommend to all of our clients. The new Sage 200 updates make it even better for your business; more efficient, time saving and easier to use.

The new update has been crafted to be much more intuitive and flexible than previous versions, with applications and services that make it the must-have ERP system for any business.

Here are the five features that our experts at Enclave feel make the Sage 200 Update noteworthy:

1.    The Pay Now Button

Never before has it been so easy for your client and customers to pay their invoices. You can add a “Pay Button” to your invoices and statements. This allows customers to pay instantly with a credit card or via PayPal. Quicker payments! What’s not to like?

2.    Sage Payments Feature

Sage Payments is a new feature which makes it easier to pay your suppliers directly from your ERP system. You can add funds to the account and use them to make payments, effort free. So not only does it make receiving payments easier, it also makes paying out easier.

3.    Bank Reconciliation

The new Bank Feeds feature allows users to download bank transactions and compare them with your Sage 200 transactions. You can then reconcile your sage account with your bank statements. There is now a split screen view which makes it easier to carry this task out.

4.    Sales Return

With the Sage 200 update, you can now create a sales return based on sales orders. You can also copy existing orders within sales orders, which results in increased efficiency.

5.    Excelerator

Excelerator is a fantastic new tool that allows you to sync Sage with Excel. It’s a user friendly feature that will save you enormous amounts of time; and you know what they say, time is money.

In summary, the 2016 Sage 200 Updates are ideal for business looking to make their financial activities seamless, efficient and user friendly. Want to learn more about it? Our team is ready to talk to you, why not get in touch with us to talk about Sage 200?

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