Two Most Common IT Mistakes Businesses Make

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We're taking a look at the most common IT mistakes Business Make. 

Being in business for as long as we have, we've seen some alarming mistakes made by companies when it comes to their IT structure. These errors can range from damaging to their business as a whole, to causing minor and unnecessary inconvenience for their employees. In our eyes there is no room for any error when a sound IT structure can improve business functionality and profitability. Here are the two most common IT mistakes that we've seen businesses make. 

Overworking In-House IT: 

We've seen it time and time again; even in businesses that outsource some IT activities. Many businesses have their in-house IT team focused on activities that take up time which could be spent more productively. There is no reason for in-house staff to perform certain tasks when they could just as easily be outsourced. Archival backups, help desk support and IT security are just examples of the kinds of IT activities that are more effective when outsourced. In doing so, your IT employees focus their time and skills more productively, rather than spreading their talent too thinly. Rethink your IT outsource strategy in a way that will make the most of the talent you have in-house. 

Lax Data Security: 

This is the second most common IT mistake we see Irish businesses make, and it's frightening to have to type that. Your company's data is incredibly valuable and sensitive; there is no reason why your Data Security shouldn't be up to scratch. It's essential that you are confident that all information is safeguarded against potential threats. You might think that your business would never be targetted, but in the age of the internet, that's just not true for any company. 

Firewalls and network security, as well as data backups, should all be in place to protect your data from theft, spyware, viruses or server failure. 

Do you see your own businesses making these mistakes? If so, we recommend getting in touch with a member of our team to discuss your IT options. Contact Enclave today. 

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