Understanding the cost and benefits of IT managed services

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Small business owners receive multiple calls from companies pitching the latest trends in technology to save money and make their company more productive.  Some of these calls may even employ scare tactics through intimidation that if you don’t go with their services, your business will be bankrupt within a few years. 

Not every managed IT service is necessary, however many are and finding the right choice for your business is a balancing act.

What is an IT managed service?

Managed service providers (MSPs) are outsourced IT services delivered at a monthly fee.  Like many other service plans, the longer the contract the better the rate.  MSPs offer IT services at an agreed upon rate without hidden or additional costs.

How does an MSP work?

An MSP monitors the performance and status of your IT infrastructure.  MSPs use several management tools and capabilities to monitor your network for any issues that may arise such as security vulnerabilities, outdated software, and network traffic.

An MSP typically offers 24/7 support so you can call them anytime you have a question or issue with your IT services.  MSPs are alerted when an issue arises with devices, software, servers, and other network hardware so they can quickly and efficiently provide resolution.

How do MSP pricing models work?

You can find MSPs that offer a variety of support options from per-device monitoring to application monitoring, security, tiered support, and overall IT service support

A monitoring-only pricing model offers networking and alerts to an onsite IT staff.  Managed security takes monitoring to the next level by monitoring your services and acting in the event of suspicious network activity or network vulnerabilities. 

For small to mid-sized businesses, a per-user model may be appropriate.  With a per-user pricing model, expect to pay a flat fee per month per user.  All devices your users have are covered under a per-user pricing model.

A tiered model is more popular among MSPs because they can bundle different services depending on your business needs.  Pricing varies per MSP so make sure to make comparisons between pricing models and MSPs when searching for the perfect IT managed solution for your business.

What is the right model for you?

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