What is ERP Software, and why do you need to know about it?

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What is ERP Software? It's more than just another piece of technology to get your head around. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or systems, are used by businesses to manage a number of processes. These include sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), supply chains and finance. Essentially, ERP systems are a solution for a range of business activities, which save you time and resources. That, however, is not why our team of ERP experts believe it’s something everyone in business should consider.


Here is what you should know about ERP Software:


1.It helps you make decisions

Without an effective ERP system your business will end up making decisions based on guesswork, because the required data isn’t available. Sometimes the right decision can be made, but ultimately the best decisions come from well-mined data and figures. ERP Software will provide you with that the right information at the right time.


2.Faster month end close

It’s the least wonderful time of the month, so why make it harder by avoiding a good ERP system? ERP systems process transactions automatically, generate financial reports and ultimately simplify month-end procedures that can often take hours on end. Having your month end close quickly allows you to see how your business is performing sooner which enables you to make the relevant decisions for the coming month. With these time savings, resources can be freed up for other tasks, allowing you to get more done in the same time frame. It also helps to react faster to changing trends.


3.Improved customer relationships

There is one thing that customers love above all else, and that’s accurate delivery dates. If you have an ERP system in place within your business, your product or service delivery will improve because the software keeps track of all procedures. A customer that has received their product or sees the work done in the promised timeframe is a happy one. And a happy customer is a lasting one.


4.Better controlled costs

If fast month-ends, better relationships with your customers and more informed decisions weren’t enough to convince you, this should do it. ERP systems calculate your costs so that your business has a consistently accurate snapshot of your sales and expenses, which puts you in a better position to control overall costs.


5.Operational Efficiency

ERPs help your business to manage files, customer relationships and production planning. This all helps your business run more efficiently, and this improves the more you use your ERP system.


Whatever your industry, be it accounting, logistics or beyond, a solid ERP system can make things run much more efficiently and effectively in your business. If you want to talk about an ERP system that works for a business like yours, get in touch with our team of experts to learn more.


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