What you need to know about Office 365

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We understand moving to the cloud isn’t an easy decision so we’ve answered the most common questions business leaders ask when considering a move to the Microsoft cloud.  This quick guide offers some details you should know about the security, users, business benefits, costs, and more. 

Migrating to the cloud does not have to be difficult and soon you will see why.

How secure is it?

Office 365 has physical security on their servers and keeps all server locations a secret from the public.  Microsoft encrypts all data at rest on their cloud servers, so data is always encrypted.  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) over HTTP and Information Rights Management (IRM) on all document libraries.  Microsoft blocks data mining by blocking target ads designed to gain your information to ensure your data and information is not shared.

Who uses Office 365?

Everyone uses Office 365 from individuals, college students, business professionals, and anyone with access to a computer and the Internet.  Office 365 is popular because with one monthly subscription, individuals can load instances of the Office suite of products on up to five mobile devices.

Can Office 365 meet all my business needs?

Office 365 offers the entire suite of Office products you are already used to plus Outlook, Skype, and a few other added bonus features.  Office 365 is available anywhere you and your employees are, so you are not tied to a physical office.  You can maintain business operations and stay in touch with everyone through Skype, share calendars, and share files in the cloud.

What does it cost?

Office 365 has three main subscription plans for business, which include Business, Business Premium, and Business Essentials.  The cost ranges anywhere from €4.20 per user per month to €10.20 per user per month depending on the package you select. Plans with more features are  available for Enterprise customers

Will it pay me back?

Unlike the traditional suite of Office products, your upfront cost is much lower.  Since Microsoft always patches and updates products in Office 365 and since your business needs to stay up-to-date on the latest versions of Office, the monthly fee will seem miniscule. 

Is migrating to the cloud difficult?

The difficulty to migrate to Office 365 depends on how many users and how much data you have.  That is why we are here to help!  Contact us today and find out how you can start your migration.  Before long, you will be operating in the Cloud and benefiting from all the added features Microsoft has made for business.

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