Windows Server 2003 End of Life Is Getting Closer

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Windows Server 2003 Is Ending Its Support


What does that mean for you?


As you may already be aware, Windows Server 2003 end-of-support is quickly approaching. It needs to be noted that doing nothing is NOT a good idea.

The official date set for the service to end is July 14th 2015. Switching to Windows Server 2012, Azure or Office 365 will enable you to; drastically improve efficiency, receive security and software updates, and improve performance across the board.  







What are the risks?


  • No support, patches, or security updates which leave servers and applications vulnerable to security threats.
  • The applications and workloads running on Windows Server 2003 will be more expensive to maintain.
  • You will lose the ability to avail of new IT infrastructure, application developments, management tools, and cloud options.
  • Businesses will be unable to harness the cloud technologies which Microsoft are making central to their service offering.

Windows Server 2003 has been functioning for 12 years and has become outdated compared to the likes of Azure and Office 365. Cloud services are now vital to all business operations and it is crucial you are aware of the risks of doing nothing and rewards of making the change.

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