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Data Protection Laws are Changing – Will Your Organisation be Ready?

By encmarketing Monday, 12th June 2017 | 0 comments
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With new data protection regulations on the way, Enclave Technologies will keep you informed so that you can comply with the impending legislative changes. Data protection is changing – on 25th May, 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force and replace the current data protection framework under the European Union (EU) Data Protection Directive.  This means that organisations involved in any kind of data processing must be aware of their obligations under the new regulation. 

How to be proactive instead of reactive to data disasters

By encmarketing Tuesday, 17th January 2017 | 0 comments
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One of the most important things you can do for your business is to maintain your IT infrastructure.  Do not take your daily business applications, data, and other critical information for granted, the success of your business depends on a reliable infrastructure.