Free Cloud Readiness Assessment - are you ready?

Cloud Readiness

Though Cloud adoption is on the increase, fear around security, compliance, integration and control when moving applications to the Cloud remains as does choosing the right Cloud migration provider especially when dealing with sensitive data.

The challenge is threefold:

  • What to move?
  • How to migrate?
  • What is the value of change?

The Cloud Readiness Assessment provides you with a clear set of objectives and recommendations to facilitate the development of a Cloud strategy for your organisation. It provides comprehensive scoring across all knowledge areas, with critical success factors and detailed scores. We ensure clarity of current environment against all stakeholders within the business.

The assessment outputs would be:

  • Executive Strategy
  • Cloud Computing Strategy
  • Awareness & Knowledge
  • Security, Risk Assessment and compliance
  • IT Governance & Management Strategy
  • Existing Technical Architecture
  • Public,  Private, Hybrid cloud
  • Backup, Business continuity and Disaster recovery plans
  • Licencing
  • Warranty extensions
  • Management and support