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SharePoint Online

SharePoint allows you deliver intuitive, powerful and effective intranet, extranet and web solutions for your business.



SharePoint Features:

  • Publish content to and from any Office application and share with people inside and outside your organisation with a few simple clicks.
  • Share ideas, get answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working on with new social features throughout SharePoint.
  • Organise all your projects and tasks to get visibility across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project.
  • Set up a team site in seconds and track meeting notes and bring together all your team’s email and documents in one place.
  • Create dynamic intranet and internet sites to share your organisation’s vision with everyone using familiar design tools and flexible workflow controls.
  • Help users easily search more relevant results, and get recommendations on people and documents to follow.
  • Reduce your infrastructure costs by running SharePoint in the cloud with Offfice 365 or Microsoft 365 
  • Use the archiving, eDiscovery and case management capabilities extending across SharePoint, Exchange and Teams to ensure you remain compliant for regulatory requirements.
  • Automated backups of company data.
  • Acts as a Business Intelligent tool to analyse KPI’s and make informed decisions.

Experience the benefits of SharePoint:

  • Easy to manage content and documents – Central location for document storage, reducing duplication.
  • Save time and increase productivity – SharePoint tools make it easy to search and find documents and information.
  • Centralised project management – One central location for accessing all relevant project documents and monitoring project delivery.
  • Customised information portals – Sharing information that your business, customers and suppliers need.
  • Quality business intelligence – SharePoint can generate insightful data reports that enable your business to make better informed decisions.

Key Services

Managed IT Services

Enclave’s Managed IT service for small to medium sized businesses lowers the cost of supporting IT systems, delivered at a fixed price with no hidden expenses i.e. no call out charges, no surprises – just one single monthly bill and one single point of contact.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, workforce productivity is the new definition of corporate competitiveness. Centered around Microsoft 365 we create a comprehensive road- map for the practical adoption of new technology that includes user adoption training and managed support.

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Enclave is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is fast becoming the partner of choice for Microsoft Azure in Ireland. We can help you understand how Azure fits with your business and IT strategy.

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