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Office 365

Effective communications is key to the success of a great business. With all the information sources, email, instant messaging, mobile data and document sharing it’s a struggle to manage all the communications sources.  Enclave can transform and empower your company’s communications by leveraging the power of Microsoft Office 365.

We help our customers seamlessly transition to Office 365 without disruption to your current messaging environment and without delays.

Office 365 Benefits

Enterprise class security and reliability – layers of security help protect Microsoft datacentres and stringent privacy policies keep your data safe.

IT Control and efficiencies - security updates and systems upgrades are taken care of allowing your IT staff focus on other priorities.

User familiarity and productivity - continue to use applications that users have become accustomed to. Access information from any laptop, PC or mobile device once connected to the Internet.

Office 365 includes

Exchange Online

Exchange Online (EO) helps you to protect you information with its advanced technology and processes. To protect your emails, Exchange Online has built in anti-spam and anti-malware software. To help secure data there are extensive disaster recovery capabilities built in, along with a team of experts that manage the EO platform continually. Exchange online has a guarantee to be functional 99.9% of the time, proving that it is a wholly reliable tool. 

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online delivers its users a seamless experience. Similar to regular SharePoint, SharePoint online provides the same features without the need to manage the infrastructure. Although the costs are cut the management of the system remains the same. SharePoint is available as part of Office365 or as a separate entity.

Skype For Business 

Skype has been an iconic software service due to its ease of use and the ability it gives its users to connect and communicate. Skype for Business offers the same service by enabling you to easily chat or talk to your co-workers in seconds. Skype for Business can be used on your current devices once you sign up to the enterprise grade service, which is secure and managed. 

A single simple solution for voice , IM , video and web conferencing.


Today’s world is a communication freeway. Companies are finding that communication and collaboration are, I most cases, the key to productivity and success. This starts with the employees to whom which communication is paramount. Yammer is a private “Social Network” for your employees. Threads are created to help breakdown internal conundrums or to encourage synergy. Each user is given a personal profile which provides complete transparency. Companies ranging from fortune 500 to small SMEs are suing the service to strengthen their operations.

One Drive

Microsoft One Drive, put simply, gives you the ability to safely store all your files and photos in a secure location. These can be seamlessly uploaded from a tablet, computer or laptop. When uploaded the One Drive can be shared with friends or family, to be accessed uninterrupted at any time. OneDrive also comes with Office Online, which includes PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote. Enabling users to create, edit and share documents from a vast array of devices. OneDrive is compatible in Windows or iOS ensuring consistency across all platforms.

Office 365 is hosted on an enterprise-class platform that ensures security, availability and reliability; and could reduce your costs by up to 65%!

Why move to Office 365 with Enclave:

  • Over 50 Office 365 Migrations performed.
  • Complete end-to-end service.
  • Pre-Project planning and consultancy.
  • Pay monthly or annually.
  • Configuring DNS and domains.
  • Migration of users and mailboxes.
  • Archive set up  to assure compliance.
  • Active Directory configuration for Single sign on.
  • Aftercare support.

Key Services

Managed IT Services

Enclave’s Managed IT service for small to medium sized businesses lowers the cost of supporting IT systems, delivered at a fixed price with no hidden expenses i.e. no call out charges, no surprises – just one single monthly bill and one single point of contact.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, workforce productivity is the new definition of corporate competitiveness. Centered around Microsoft 365 we create a comprehensive road- map for the practical adoption of new technology that includes user adoption training and managed support.

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Enclave is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is fast becoming the partner of choice for Microsoft Azure in Ireland. We can help you understand how Azure fits with your business and IT strategy.

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