Cyber Security Virtual Workshop – Protect Your Business From External Threats  

22nd June 2.30 pm

We are hosting a Virtual Workshop with SonicWALL on 22nd June, highlighting why you need to protect your business from external threats, now more than ever. 

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Why should you attend? 

 2020 Was a Record-Setting Year for Cybercrime 

How confident are you that your business is protected from the cyber threat landscape? Do you have the right cyber security tools in place to secure your business from the many forms of highly sophisticated cyber-attacks? 

Unfortunately, antivirus software is no longer enough to keep your business secure from cybercrime. More robust solutions are essential to ensure your business can fight off cyber-attacks. 

 Are you aware of the situation in Ireland? 

 According to a new report from global law firm DLA Piper, Ireland has one of the highest rates of data breaches in the EU. And over half of Irish businesses have suffered a data breach within the past year. Here are just a few cases: 

  • A Microsoft email hack hit a whopping 98 Irish organisations.  
  • IT services are disrupted for two colleges in Dublin following malicious cyber-attacks. 

Your business could be more vulnerable than you know. 

What you can learn from the webinar? 

Our Virtual Workshop will help you to discover why you need a more robust cyber security strategy, and we’ll look at the market-leading tools that can help keep your business safe. 

Here is what you can expect: 

Session 1 
  • A threat report presentation by our guest speakers from SonicWALL, Daniel Carr and Alexis Holmes. 
  • Critical information about the cybersecurity challenges that businesses are facing. 
  • A discussion of best-cybersecurity practices and why Enclave and SonicWALL solutions can help protect your SME. 
Session 2 
  • Delving into 2-3 real-life SME scenarios – key cyber breaches, the impact they’ve had on businesses – and how they could have been prevented. 
Session 3 
  • 15–20-minute Workshop, designed to help your business be better prepared for any cyber-attacks. 
Register for our free virtual workshop today, and become better prepared to tackle cyber-attacks.  

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