Critical IT Maintenance can you afford not to?

Critical IT Maintenance

Enclave’s critical maintenance service for servers and network infrastructure ensures your server and critical hardware and software is running optimally.

A series of exercises are carried out as follows:

Security Updates

These updates patch security vulnerabilities that could allow servers to become compromised. Ignoring these could leave your server extremely vulnerable to hackers and malicious codes.

Critical Updates

Critical Updates fix any major issue that is found in Microsoft products that could cause software errors or unexpected behaviour and should never be set to download automatically. They need to be done systematically ensuring updates do not interfere with the applications running or server’s performance.

Hardware firmware upgrades

Avoiding downtime and potential security risks is our highest priority. Ensuring that each server is running the latest drivers and firmware helps to establish this. Updating the server’s system ROM and the firmware of all hardware components in the configuration is essential for optimal system performance and system stability.>

Enclave Technologies critical maintenance is generally done outside of office hours to minimise downtime. Any other proactive testing/maintenance measures can be carried out at this time to minimise disruption to your business.

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