Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration platform for the 21st century. A place to meet and discuss ideas with colleagues, customers & partners using:

  • Instant messaging & group chat.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Document sharing, internally & externally with version management.
  • Collaborative document editing AKA live editing.
How do I get Microsoft Teams?

If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you already have Microsoft Teams. Teams is included with all Office 365 subscriptions. It should be installed on your PC as part of the Office suite of applications, if not you can download Teams on any device here:

Where do I begin?
  • Open the Microsoft Teams application and find a colleague to chat with.
  • Upload a document (Word, Excel, PowerPont) to your chat and experience live editing, sharing comments & version management.
  • Schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook and experience video conferencing.
Anything I should avoid?

Avoid creating a “Team” in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is based on SharePoint and every new Team creates a new SharePoint site. Creating new SharePoint sites without the right security controls will cause issues. Ask your IT support to advise you.