Cloud Technology Services - Hosting, Backup, Security


Would you like to

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Facilitate growth
  • Support mobile working

Cloud is increasingly being employed by business to achieve one or all of the above. While some companies grapple with security, compliance, integration and control concerns many are taking advantage of cloud solutions for financial and competitive advantage.

It’s not all or nothing, there are a variety of options for organisations to take advantage of the cloud. With Hybrid being the most common where companies deploy certain workloads in the cloud whilst retaining others on premise.

At Enclave we have seen a high level of interest in cloud services. Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Cloud backup experiencing the highest level of adoption with the number of customers seeing the increasing benefits daily.

Key Services

Managed IT Services

Enclave’s Managed IT service for small to medium sized businesses lowers the cost of supporting IT systems, delivered at a fixed price with no hidden expenses i.e. no call out charges, no surprises – just one single monthly bill and one single point of contact.

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Business Systems

Business Management Systems from Enclave gives you the necessary tools to run your business with complete control and when properly implemented can deliver improved efficiencies, cost savings and competitive advantage to your business.

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Enclave is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and is fast becoming the partner of choice for Microsoft Azure in Ireland. We can help you understand how Azure fits with your business and IT strategy.

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