The days of an intranet based on SharePoint being an unwieldy beast sitting on an on-premise server are rapidly becoming a thing of past. Gone are the days of the old admin heavy sites with a rigid, basic looking interface.

Professional Look and Feel

Modern SharePoint communications sites allow you to create beautiful, flexible, and adaptive sites that scale well to any screen and are mobile responsive. By avoiding stale layout techniques and typography, they are also considerably faster. Company branding and colour schemes can also be incorporated and carried throughout the site for a professional look and feel.


A SharePoint site is a great answer for any team working on Office 365 who want to improve collaboration and productivity. SharePoint offers a central workplace that will be used for communication and collaboration. It is a great space to share the most important documents in the organization, available on any device at any time. Using Document Library allows you to give your colleagues easy access to documents, such as:

  • Document templates
  • Corporate presentation templates
  • HR / Administration documents
  • Forms & templates

It also gives you somewhere to publish general company information which will be useful for every employee. Intranet landing page should be the first choice to look for such information. This can include things such as:

  • Video presentation via Stream
  • Picture gallery
  • Contact information
  • Events calendar
  • Phone Directory

Another great use is as a central location to share up-to-date links for the most often used applications, such as external HR, Training sites or Cloud applications. Less time spent looking for documents, procedures or templates and links means more time being productive.


Another reason for building your Intranet in SharePoint is the seamless integration with Office 365 applications. Commonly used Office 365 integration features include: exporting tasks to Outlook, editing documents in Word and storing directly in SharePoint, and connectivity to Teams and Yammer for corporate social networking.

This integration can be taken to the next level again and expanded beyond Office 365 and Microsoft and into your corporate workstreams with the use of Power Automate, formerly known as Flow, but that’s an article for another day.