If you are taking data seriously in your business, you’ll have a robust constant backup process, that stores multiple copies of all your data safely and securely in the cloud.

This can be a life saver in many situations:

  • If your data is corrupted
  • If someone accidentally deletes something
  • If you suffer a ransomware attack
  • Or even if you lose a device

But when did you last check that your backup was actually working? That it’s correctly backing up your data exactly as it should be?

You’d be surprised how often backups fall over… and no-one is alerted. Or they are alerted, but don’t take action to fix the problem fast enough.

This is why we verify our customers backups on a daily basis.

If you haven’t checked your backups for a week or more, then you could be setting yourself up for a big problem.

Because the worst time to find out that your backup hasn’t been working is when you actually need it. And sadly, we’ve heard of this happening more than a few times.

Very easily, a business can lose a week or month’s worth of work… it’s a genuinely traumatic event.

So check your backup today to keep yourself covered.